Betting CS2 (Counter Strike 2) : the best bookmakers and odds in the market

After the meteoric success of CS:GO, we are pleased to announce the release of the Counter Strike 2 update. Of course, with significant improvements, Valve aims to reboot the series and attract even more players worldwide. Our specialists want to help you bet on CS2 (Counter Strike 2) right now.

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The best online CS2 betting sites (Counter Strike 2) in 2023

  • MyStake
  • LeonBet

Looking to find the top sports betting sites to wager on Counter Strike 2 this year? The experts at CS-Betting-Site have managed to uncover three gems that offer the most significant benefits to make the most of this new esports video game.

MyStake : 100% up to €/$500

We were fortunate to discover MyStake in 2019, thanks to the company Santeda International B.V. This platform quickly showed it can do it all! However, its "E-Sports" section especially caught our eye. We believe this bookmaker has some excellent features!

❤️ Advantages of MyStake:

  • ➡️ Special E-Sports bonus of 100% up to €/$500;
  • ➡️ Over 35 choices on some CS2 matches;
  • ➡️ Ability to watch competitions in Live Streaming.

As you've clearly understood, by joining MyStake now, you can grab a first deposit bonus of 100% up to €/$500 to bet on Counter Strike 2. This means that a deposit of €/$100 lets you play with €/$200! Sounds appealing to bet on Fnatic, Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, or even Invictus Gaming, doesn't it?

GG.Bet : An E-sports expert

This sports betting platform is one of the pioneers in the field and is undoubtedly the world's top representative of the E-Sports scene. doesn't offer a welcome bonus to its new users but boasts a highly modern interface geared towards video games.

❤️ Advantages of

  • ➡️ 250% deposit bonus for the ESL Pro League;
  • ➡️ Regular cashback for sports bets on CS2;
  • ➡️ The world's leading E-Sport specialist. offers an impressive range of bets on Counter Strike 2. All global competitions are available: ESL Pro League, ESEA, Dust2, BLAST, United21, CCT, and many more. In our opinion, this operator deserves recognition by players worldwide. will surely appeal to you, so go for it!

LeonBet : 100% up to €/$500

If you haven't yet heard about LeonBet, now's the perfect time to check it out! This recently launched platform highlights numerous domains for its users: Casino, Sports, Live Casino, V-Sport, and of course, ESport. Joining LeonBet means experiencing entertainment at its peak.

❤️ Advantages of LeonBet:

  • ➡️ 100% bonus up to €/$500 to bet on CS2;
  • ➡️ ESports category and the opportunity to watch matches live;
  • ➡️ Live betting available for all CS tournaments.

As soon as you register on LeonBet, you can receive a boost of 100% up to €/$500! This isn't something to overlook. This promotional offer, available once per user, can give you more ammunition to predict the right outcomes of upcoming Counter Strike 2 competitions. Take advantage of it now!

Everything you need to know about the free Counter-Strike 2 update

Clearly, Valve announced on March 22, 2023, that Counter Strike 2 would be released during the summer of 2023. Surprisingly, it was on September 27, 2023, that players had the chance to discover this free update on Steam. Within just a few days, the new video game launched by the American company already counts more than 1.2 million online players.

🎮 Main improvements in CS2:

  • Enhanced volumetric blood and impact effects;
  • Updated architecture and use of subticks;
  • Source 2 engine for better physical rendering and lighting;
  • New smoke management for players;
  • Material physics that's much more realistic;
  • Redesign of the game maps (Nuke 2, Overpass, Dust 2, Anubis, Ancient);
  • Reduction of match duration from MR15 to MR12;
  • Ranking system with grades for each map;
  • Addition of a matchmaking mode to better express oneself.

As you can gather, Valve's main advancement is in its Source 2 engine, which significantly enhances the graphical quality of all elements and thus has a direct impact on gameplay. With more realistic explosions, improved smoke, the game is bound to change. With a new ranking system, specific to each map, Counter-Strike's competitiveness will rise to another level! Good news for CS2 sports betting.

Betting on CS2: What types of bets are available?

If you're looking to bet on CS2, it's essential to understand how it truly works. With that in mind, we want to simply unveil the main types of bets available on this new FPS launched by Valve. Read carefully before moving on!

Betting on the winner of a tournament

As you might know, in the world of esports, Counter Strike is a titan! Numerous competitions will, of course, be organized for the new game update. One of the most popular CS2 sports bets is certainly wagering on a team that will win a tournament. A mid-term bet that can offer you interesting odds, be it on favorites or even underdogs.

Bets on the winner of a map

As you're aware, competitive Counter-Strike matches are decided when one team manages to win two games. A significant change in CS2: each game is played on a map of two halves of 12 rounds (moving from MR15 to MR12). So, you can bet on the winner of a map in CS2! If you've noticed that your favorite team performs better on one map than another, don't hesitate to capitalize on that. All CS:GO maps are reused in this new version.

Bets on the exact score

This is a daring CS2 sports bet, but it can be hugely rewarding! With the current match system, only four results are possible in Valve's game: 2-0, 2-1, 0-2, 1-2. Of course, the odds might be lower than in some other esports disciplines, but you can still earn significant returns by betting on an underdog or a favorite that crushes the opposing CS2 team. It's a bet worth considering in your betting journey.

Bets on over/under number of rounds

As you know, teams in Counter Strike 2 must win 12 rounds to claim a map in a competitive match (since the game has moved to MR12). Over/under bets are, of course, still available, allowing you the opportunity to, for example, wager on there being "More or less than 21.5 rounds in total". Naturally, this type of prediction takes into account the total rounds won on the map (by both team 1 and team 2).

Other types of sports bets on CS 2

Our specialists have noticed that the new Counter Strike 2 update has reinvigorated bookmakers! With renewed enthusiasm around the first-person multiplayer shooter game, new types of bets have emerged. We'd like to introduce you to a few other possibilities available for betting on CS2.

💰 You can also bet on:

  • Betting with a handicap: Is a CS2 team too strong? Another an underdog that could surprise? Bookmakers allow you to add or subtract winning rounds from a side to better adjust your bet on the winner of a map;
  • Betting on the match winner: This is the most classic and popular CS2 bet among our readers. Simply put, you have two possibilities: a win by team 1 or a win by team 2. Unlike other disciplines, no ties;
  • Betting on an Even/Odd number of maps: This is a new type of CS2 sports bet offered by the top bookmakers. You have two options: either the number of maps played in the match is even, or it is odd.

We are eager to see new betting options arriving in the upcoming weeks for CS2 bettors. Indeed, the astounding improvements in this version of Counter-Strike are likely to attract more players, viewers, and bettors. Undoubtedly, bookmakers will continue to innovate, allowing you to experience the competitions with even more excitement.

Competitions to bet on CS2

Wondering on which competitions you can place sports bets on CS2? In reality, even if the name shifts from CS:GO to Counter Strike 2, the structure of the competitive scene remains unchanged! This means you can place wagers on the game's usual tournaments. Let us introduce you to the main ones.

PGL major

This is the largest Counter Strike tournament in the world and is, of course, part of the Championships. Once a year, the best teams globally face off in a final phase called "New Champions". You can obviously bet on the PGL Major CS2 using the best existing bookmakers! If you're a fan of the game, we're convinced that this competition is where you'll genuinely feel the thrill. With winnings of over a million dollars for the champion, the teams are highly motivated!

ESL pro league

The ESL Pro League is also one of Counter Strike's biggest competitions. It features 32 teams each season, with 15 partner teams that remain constant. It's one of the world's main Esports leagues, having started on May 4, 2015. Even though ESL decided to stick with CS:GO for its 18th season, you'll surely be able to bet on ESL Pro League CS2 in the upcoming seasons. We believe that these competitive matches can present great opportunities.

Blast premier

Founded in January 2020, the BLAST Premier league primarily focuses on two regions: North America and Europe. With a spring and autumn season, each season lasts 4 months with 12 teams during the regular season. The top six teams from the Blast Premier qualify for the group phase, and the finals feature two teams that can qualify through Showdowns outside of the league. Betting on BLAST Premier is one of the best decisions you can make! Teams consistently shine, providing numerous betting opportunities.

Other competitions to bet on CS2

Rest assured, these aren't the only Counter Strike 2 events you can bet on. In reality, many independent leagues and numerous other competitive matches are available from the best bookmakers. Almost every week, you can follow high-level matches and bet on CS2.

🏆 The various CS2 competitions include:

  • European Pro League;
  • ESEA Season;
  • ESports Battle;
  • CCT;
  • Slovak National Championship;
  • Eternity League;
  • Gamers Club Liga.

Almost every country passionate about esports has its own championship! If you're a keen follower of Counter Strike 2 and players who've adapted best to this new update, we believe you can find excellent bets on CS2 in smaller competitions.

Tips for winning Your online CS2 bets

Our teams primarily aim to equip you with every advantage when you decide to bet on Counter Strike 2. We're eager to share our best tips and strategies to increase your success rate with your bets. Read closely!

Analyze a team's roster

As you might know, CS2 teams are always evolving, especially during the summer transfer windows. Before placing a bet on a Counter Strike match, it's essential to thoroughly review the line-up set by the coach. By familiarizing yourself with the players, you can assess if all positions are adequately filled within the team. These are vital pointers to succeed in CS2 betting.

📝 Roles in CS2:

  • IGL: Short for "In-Game Leader", this player is typically the most strategic, guiding teammates throughout the game;
  • AWPers: This player needs to be the most accurate. Their role as a sniper can significantly simplify the match by swiftly taking down opponents or by holding a key area;
  • Support: This player often makes sacrifices during the game. They initiate pushes and finalize trades. They must have an in-depth knowledge of potential grenade trajectories and finish off injured opponents;
  • Entry Fragger: Comparable to the forward in CS2, they are the first to push, establishing dominance over a position. They relay vital information to teammates and must be incredibly fast;
  • Lurker: This player roams around the map throughout the match to eliminate as many opponents by surprise. They know how to position themselves and can read the game's dynamics to counteract it.

In a Counter 2 match, rosters consist of 5 players! Naturally, you must ensure that all the top players are present to avoid unexpected outcomes at the start. The more familiar you are with the strengths of each role, the better you can pinpoint potential weaknesses, presenting betting opportunities in CS2.

Consider the statistics

You're in luck, as most CS2 bookmakers provide extensive statistical databases about the game. It's imperative that you utilize these databases when placing a bet on CS2. They allow you to better understand the differences between two teams.

📈 Valuable Statistics:

  • Tournament Earnings: Analyze the track record of the two competing teams;
  • Head-to-Head: Look into the previous matches that took place between the two teams;
  • Recent Results: Examine recent performances to gauge the current form of the teams;
  • Map Statistics: Analyze the success rate on each CS2 map to find betting opportunities.

In our opinion, these are the most important data points to review when betting on Counter Strike 2. Through these stats, you can often discern certain trends, weaknesses, or strengths of a CS2 team. For instance, NaVi has a win percentage of 87.5% on the Ancient map and 33.3% on Nuke. Clearly, there's a difference!

Player adaptation to the CS2 update

This is a crucial factor for making informed bets on Counter Strike 2. You need to take the time to watch as many matches as possible on Twitch to ensure that different rosters can adapt to the slightly modified gameplay of the CS2 update. As you may know, matches are shorter, and the animations are entirely revamped with the Source 2 engine.

With every alteration to a competitive video game, challenges can arise, even for the top franchises! You must therefore have sufficient perspective and data on teams since the transition from CS:GO to CS2 before making predictions. This naturally requires a deep understanding of the game and a critical mindset!

Stay updated on Counter Strike 2 news

This advice applies almost universally to all electronic sports and traditional sports alike. You must truly become an expert on Counter Strike 2 if you hope to beat the bookmakers. To that end, we highly recommend you take the time to stay updated with daily CS2 news. By following interviews, transfers, announcements, and updates, you can find excellent betting opportunities.

Clearly, the bookmakers are doing the same! Counter Strike 2 sports betting websites try to obtain the freshest information to offer odds that closely mirror reality. Your goal is clear: become better than the CS2 bookmakers! We advise you to use all available platforms to get the most news (streaming, social media, news websites, podcasts…).

Place live bets on CS2

Great news! Esport bookmakers have adapted to allow bettors to place live bets during Counter Strike 2 matches. This means you can watch each match in real-time and react by placing your predictions. Odds are naturally updated based on rounds won, ongoing maps, or simply the flow of the game.

🎥 Guide to live betting:

  • Register with a reputable Counter Strike 2 bookmaker;
  • Go to the "Live Betting" section;
  • Select live odds;
  • Place a bet;
  • ✅ Confirm your live CS2 bet.

Beforehand, we always recommend preparing your account before a match starts to have the ability to bet in just a few clicks. Make sure to deposit funds so you don't miss an excellent live betting opportunity on CS2. Then, all that's left is to watch live and see if your prediction is accurate.

Best sites to watch CS2 competitions

Wondering where you can stream CS 2 matches? Rest assured, several 100% free options are currently available for fans of this eSports discipline. Let us introduce them to you now, so you're ready to bet.


The streaming giant Twitch is, of course, one of the major players in the world of video games and eSports competitions. Almost all major leagues (Major, ESL, Blast…) are broadcast live under the "Esports" section and then "Counter-Strike". Thousands of viewers tune in daily to follow the various matches that take place. It's the perfect place to track your CS2 bets.


The platform recently launched by Stake is a rising star in the Esport world! Since the game's release in September 2023, immediately set up a "Counter Strike 2" section on its site. This allows you to watch other players share their live sessions and also follow some of the biggest tournaments globally! Registration is 100% free, as is viewing.


The bookmakers chosen by the experts from CS-Betting-Site also allow you to stream Counter Strike 2 matches directly on their platform. In our opinion, it's the most convenient place for bettors! Indeed, these operators integrate the Twitch (or Kick) API, allowing you to display a window next to the odds to watch CS2 confrontations in live streaming. If you plan to bet live, this system enhances your responsiveness!

Our advice on choosing a bookmaker for Counter Strike 2

Now that you know exactly how to best bet on Counter Strike 2, you need to take the time to select the site that will host you. This choice should not be taken lightly, as it will undoubtedly impact your success in Counter Strike 2 sports betting.

CS2 bonuses

You should definitely have the opportunity to maximize your bankroll to bet on Counter 2. For this, it's important to choose a generous sports betting site! We advise you to simply check that promotions are regularly available and that the terms are flexible enough to hope to earn cash.

🎁 Best existing bonuses:

  • Welcome bonus: this offer is given upon registration and allows you to get free bets (Freebets) on Counter Strike 2;
  • Regular promotions: simply check the "Promotions" section of your bookmaker, which can offer boosted odds and many other opportunities;
  • Loyalty program: if you regularly place bets on CS2, you should definitely choose a platform that rewards its best bettors with cashback, loyalty points, or other benefits.

Of course, to find the best bonuses on Counter Strike 2, you need to make many comparisons! This work has been done for you by the teams at CS-Betting-Site. We've simply listed the most generous platforms at the moment.

Interface and services

You should have the best possible experience when betting on Counter Strike 2! For this, we recommend that you choose an operator that offers a well-developed interface, with services that are useful for your daily betting activities. A tip: lean towards an ESport specialist!

➡️ Useful services for betting:

  • Live Streaming: Betting on CS2 obviously requires a deep passion for this video game and to follow the matches. We recommend choosing a bookmaker that integrates with Twitch or Kick;
  • Open Markets: Depending on the platform you wish to register with, you might find more or fewer selections for Counter Strike 2 competitions. Choose an operator that gives you choices;
  • Cashout: This option can be very useful to best manage your CS2 sports bets. With cashout, you can decide to sell your prediction to the site at any time! This allows you to secure profits or limit losses.

To get an idea of the quality of a CS2 sports betting interface, we simply recommend trying them out firsthand. Especially if you plan to bet from your smartphone in the future, make sure the mobile version is also up to standard! In the long run, this selection criterion can make all the difference.

The height of the odds

Take the time to check that the odds offered on the CS2 sports betting site you are interested in are correct! Typically displayed in decimal format in Europe, the odds represent the probability percentage that an event will occur. Ensure that the payout rate is high enough (at least 96%) and that the site doesn't apply too large a margin.

Many of our readers do not check that the Counter Strike 2 odds are compelling across different bookmakers! This is the worst mistake since your winnings can be significantly smaller in the long run, pushing you into the red. For instance, €/$100 at 1.3 odds yields €/$130, whereas €/$100 at 1.39 odds brings in €/$139. A colossal difference if you place numerous CS2 predictions.

Customer support

During your experience, you will inevitably have questions! Indeed, the world of Esport betting is quite complex and can sometimes be challenging initially. For this reason, we at CS-Betting-Site recommend that you ensure the presence of an available, courteous, and professional customer support!

Contacting top bookmakers:

  • 💬 Live Chat: Instant response, written conversation with a human;
  • 📧 Email: Response within 24-48 hours, written conversation with a human;
  • 📞 Phone line: Instant response, verbal conversation with a human.

If you still have questions about how Counter Strike 2 betting works, we also recommend consulting your bookmaker's Help Center! Also, don't hesitate to read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), which can guide you through simple actions like: registering, depositing, betting, and withdrawing.


This is an aspect often overlooked by readers of CS-Betting-Site, yet it's crucial for betting on CS2! Before selecting a bookmaker, you need to ensure that they offer solutions tailored to your needs for depositing and withdrawing money.

💳 Available methods for betting:

  • Credit card: Mastercard, Electron, Visa, Maestro;
  • eWallet: Neteller, EcoPayz, Skrill, Paypal, MiFinity;
  • Prepaid cards: Neosurf, Cashlib, Ticket Premium, Paysafecard;
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Binance Coin;
  • Bank transfer.

Whatever option you typically use online, make sure it's offered on your Counter Strike 2 sports betting site. This is a crucial point that will save you from major disappointments! Of course, the list of solutions above is not exhaustive; the options depend on your geographic location.

The advantages of betting on CS2

✔️ Advantages
New Source 2 game engine
Shorter MR12 system for bettors
Watch matches on Twitch and Kick for free
Live betting on CS2
Receive numerous bonuses for betting
Top bookmakers offer Counter Strike 2

The disadvantages of betting on CS2

Difficulty in finding statistics
Often too low odds
Need to be an expert to succeed in winning

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